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Second Edition Zine: TEDxPittsburghWomen

The Idea and Goal

To add to the number of voice and ideas expressed at TEDxPittsburghWomen 2019, we’re producing another free zine with curated authors to be distributed to attendees and community partners.

The Specifics

Answer the question related to the theme, which is:

What does being Bold + Brilliant mean to you?

We’d love for it to relate to the work that you do and ideas that you’re passionate about.

We welcome submissions in any language, 250-350 words in length.

By line should include descriptor of the author (examples: technologist, community leader, activist, cancer researcher, ect.) Optional: title and organizational affiliation.

If factual claims are made, we will need citations to be included.

Submissions due by November 5 to sara@tedxpittsburgh.org and chris@tedxpittsburgh.org

Note: TEDxPittsburghWomen’s curation committee retains final approval.

2018's Showing Up Zine


An independently organized

TEDx event happening annually

in Pittsburgh.

Email: info@tedxpittsburgh.org

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