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Dear TEDx Organizers, Come to Pittsburgh

To our fellow TEDx organizers and team members,

We love to see the work you're doing with TEDx and want to offer an invitation: come to Pittsburgh, PA from June 14-16 and let us host you for a TEDx Adventure and TEDxPittsburgh.

We can provide:

- June 14: Guaranteed spot on our TEDx Adventure with unique experiences at the Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Mellon University and more as we traverse the city on our Ideas Bus.

- June 15: Free VIP admission to TEDxPittsburgh: Great Than, including lunch with attendees and breakfast with our team, cocktail and appetizers with speakers following the sessions.

- Hotel discount code

The City of Bridges is waiting for you! Please register below if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

Yours in curiosity,

The TEDxPittsburgh Team

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