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Last year at TEDxPittsburghWomen, both newly-elected PA State Representatives, Summer Lee and Sara Innamorato, shared ideas about women running – and winning – in politics. Key talking points included getting involved at the local level, greater representation in all levels of government, women running for office, and valuing your own experiences to shape policy.

Rep. Summer Lee

PA State Representative
34th District, Allegheny County

“It doesn’t take a political scientist to know the people closest to the issues are the people who should be serving…and [writing] the laws.”

Rep. Sara Innamorato

PA State Representative
21st District, Allegheny County

"Behind every community garden and spaghetti dinner is a woman. Women are the foundation of civic life, but we only hold 25 percent of state house seats nationally."

TEDxPittsburghWomen is back.

Join us to celebrate ideas that are bold, brilliant, and bringing positive change into the world. Our event will bring hundreds of attendees together with speakers, performers, and organizations that are bringing big ideas to light.

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