TEDxPittsburghWomen Intro Video Ticket Giveaway

TEDxPittsburghWomen Intro Video Ticket Giveaway

There’s a new way to share your voice from the TEDxPittsburghWomen stage and enter to win a FREE pair of tickets!


How to Enter Giveaway:

  1. Film a 10-15 second video clip of yourself with a message about the TEDWomen 2017 theme: Bridges.
  2. Upload the video file here, or send an uncompressed attachment to info@tedxpittsburgh.org.
  3. After sending the file, fill out this form.
  4. All entries must be submitted by October 30th.


Sample questions/phrases:  

  • What bridges are you building in your community?
  • What bridges do our communities need more of?
  • I’m building a bridge from ___ to ______


Production Tips:

  • Film somewhere you’re comfortable: at your organization, favorite thinking spot, home or with friends and family.
  • Film in horizontal / landscape mode.


We can’t wait to show the world the bridges you’re building.


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