How-To TEDx

How-To TEDx

Whether this is your first TEDx experience or you were at a previous event, there are a few tricks to activate the TEDxPittsburgh conference experience.

  1. Meet your neighbors.

Look around. You’re surrounded by people from a variety of backgrounds, but linked by the common theme of curiosity. TEDx is a good place to find out what others in the region are working on, thinking about, and being inspired by.

  1. Download the Activate: TEDxPittsburgh app.

An interactive agenda with space to take notes on each speaker, links to our past talks, and a live Twitter stream are at your fingertips to help you stay connected during and after the event.

  1. Take notes.

We’re going to publish today’s videos soon, so they’ll be yours to access and share. But there’s something about the way a talk affects us in the moment, in person. A quick jotting down of keywords or phrases in the app or on a nearby notepad can be an easy way to retain the ideas long after the curtain drops.

  1. Take action.

Ideas are one thing. Action is another. May this event be a small reminder that whatever challenges we face as individuals or as a community, can be faced head on. Let the talks of the day and the conversations at the breaks mingle with your own ideas and set them in motion. Even a small step forward is a step forward.

Chris Daley
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