Bridges: Ideas that connect the region

Having a grand total of 446 bridges in the city of Pittsburgh alone, it’s no wonder that our first event as TEDx Pittsburgh “Bridges: Ideas That Connect Us” was such a huge success. Taking place at the Byham Theatre in Downtown Pittsburgh, our guest list reached approximately 550 people as we highlighted ten inspirational speakers who each represented an idea or message worth spreading. Topics and categories that were discussed included Sex Education, Community Health, Street Medicine, Anti-Bullying, Light Pollution, and more, which resulted with #TEDxPGH trending on Twitter for an outstanding ten hours on the day of the show.
Our ten community pioneers spoke on behalf of their hard-work and brought a different issue to the conversation. Michelle King, for example, is a middle school teacher who prides herself on being a “learning instigator” at the Environmental Charter School. She believes that educators need a new way of bridging their own knowledge with a new style of teaching to encourage our entire community to flourish as one. In attendance was comedian and anti-bullying activist Gab Bonesso, whose role in the Josh and Gab Show has reached more than 100,000 children. Her efforts include bridging the gap between anti-bullying conversations and adults in the workplace because she believes bullying doesn’t just stop with children. Another example is Jim Withers, a physician who dedicates his life to the homeless and founded Operation Safety Net. Believing that there is a need to bridge health care to the homeless community, Withers’ efforts have helped more than 10,000 patients ever since he first began serving the homeless in 1992 through his global nonprofit, International Street Medicine Institute.
To learn more about Michelle King, Gab Bonesso, Jim Withers’ and our other seven community leaders who spoke at TEDx Pittsburgh 2015, take a look at this incredible synopsis written by NEXT Pittsburgh. For more information on past events hosted by TEDx Pittsburgh and TEDx Grandview Ave, click here.

Andrew Butcher
Samantha Bushman
Michelle Fanzo
Jim Withers
Lawrence Ian Reed
Gab Bonesso
Diane Turnshek
Josie Badger
Aislinn Slaugenhaupt
Michelle King