TED is a nonprofit organization and acronym. It’s a movement devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading in ‘T’echnology, ‘E’ntertainment and ‘D’esign.


TEDx is an independently organized, community based version of the larger TED-experience.  Planned and coordinated by an all volunteer team.


Pittsburgh’s platform for showcasing the ideas that are redefining the Steel City. It’s an experience created to inspire and inform our city.

2016 Speaker Videos Released

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For filmmakers with an idea worth spreading: The Challenge At this year’s TEDxPittsburgh, we’re looking for filmmakers to screen work that showcases a big idea. Any genre. Any style. The only requirement is to have a main message or overall idea, preferably one that ties......

Author Lindsey Smith gave a powerful, revealing talk at TEDxPittsburgh 2016: Activate, Ideas in Motion. She applied as a speaker in previous years and was not selected, but remain undeterred. Asked why speaking at TEDxPittsburgh was so important to her, Lindsey remarked that, “I had......

So you want to be, or suggest, a 2017 TEDxPittsburgh speaker, filmmaker, or performer? Fantastic! We’re ready to hear, and showcase, the next generation of ideas on the TEDx stage. Here’s What the Application (or Nomination) Calls For  First, visit our Call for Ideas Application......